Letter to my younger self

This year will be my 12th year in the corporate world. I have not seen it all but I have definitely seen a lot and like i sometimes tell some people, my twelve years experience count for something. I might not be where I would like to be, but I am no longer where I started. So today if i had to write letter to my younger self in the year I started  work, i would have a lot to say. Hopefully those who are are where I was twelve years ago can glean and learn a thing or two.

Dear young lady…
Congratulations are in order for making it this far in your education. Despite what others may say, this is a stepping stone to the future you desire. Note that i say stepping stone, but there are no guarantees. At this level and in your context, the colleges and universities in your country have most likely unleashed at least a thousand graduates who like you are ready for the work world.  I have confidence in your work ethic and attitude, thanks to your parents for instilling that in you.  But you know what?  You are going to need more than that. Why do I say this? Because doors will be slammed in your face, because you are going to be challenged,  because you are going to have to be accountable ,because excuses will not be accepted…because…because …because. …

There are some things that I am going to encourage you to do. First always go the extra mile. Forget the “talk” of working “smart” and not “hard”. Work hard, in fact work very hard. It’s not manual labour but do work hard. It will show,  trust me on that. After twelve years, i have seen that hard work pays. The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is the extra. For extra ordinary results,  put the extra.

Secondly your values and morals are your compass. Never forget that. Build on firm foundations. Anything that will endure, has to be built on firm foundations. Do not take short cuts. Always remember your mum’s statement “…the long road will still get you there… “(…. iri kure inosvika)

You might not want to hear this but I will say it anyhow. You might fall. I hope you won’t. If you do, that’s life. Get up,  dust yourself and keep moving forward.

I could go on,  but let me stop here and leave you with one more piece of advice. The Bible speaks of a woman who went to the judge to have her adversary brought to justice. Daily she came before the judge but the judge did nothing. Maybe we need to put this into context. This judge was feared, obviously. And this woman was likely a widow. Otherwise in that era, her husband would have fought on her behalf. Despite the judge’s reputation, the woman did not stop coming to the judge to seek justice. In the end, the Bible says ” the judge said to himself, i neither fear God nor man, but this woman will weary me with her persistence. . . .”
Do not give up, be persistent, have a stubborn will to excel and stay on your journey.

Journey mercies. ..

Finding my rhythm. ..

I had to make my come back with this topic. One of my previous posts was on finding my balance.  A lot has changed since then and I will share. On the 30th of July 2014, my husband and I were blessed with twins, a beautiful girl and the most handsome boy i had ever met until that day.

Now all my previous time management skills are being put to test. I have come to a simple conclusion. Where I am at this stage in my life, balance doesn’t
exist. It’s about rhythm and i am trying to find what works best for me given my circumstances,  my own rhythm, my own beat and flow that enables me to meet all my obligations as the career loving mother that i am. 

I read of one female executive who is currently studying for her MBA. She makes sure her children are in bed by 8pm and studies daily until 1am.  My encouragement is that it is possible and it can be done. I will be sharing more in the coming days. In the meantime, let’s stay on the journey. ..